Website Updated


We have recently updated the BCDF website. We strived hard to maintain the look and feel of our website while focusing our changes behind the scenes. Our changes have made the website more streamlined, and we will now be able to get news out to you quicker than ever before. The website should function the same as before for the most part. However, there are a few user facing changes which are outlined below.

Firstly, you will notice that some of your bookmarked links no longer work. Instead, our URL structure is now greatly simplified. Everything is more organized with memorable, friendly links, such as /news/website-update-2014. To see our latest news stories just go to /news/, or visit /news/2013/ to see news from 2013. To see our latest educational articles, visit /education/, or check out /education/2009/ to see educational articles from 2009. Similarly, our latest newsletters can be found at /newsletter/. This can be sorted by year, /newsletter/2013/, month /newsletter/2013/2 or by issue /newsletter/15. Pictures from our latest events can be found at /gallery/.

In addition, we have updated our newsfeeds to be more customizable. If you use a feedreader, you can get our latest updates from /rss/. This feed furnishes news articles, newsletters, photo galleries, and educational articles all in the same place. This feed can be limited to the last 20 articles (or whatever number) by using /rss/20. If you want a specific feed instead of our general feed, visit /rss/newsletter, or /rss/news or /rss/photos or /rss/education. Our old /news.xml feed is maintained, and will continue to serve 10 most recent BCDF news stories.

Browse around the updated website and let us know if something doesn't look quite right. Or drop a friendly line to tell us if you love or hate the changes.