Funding From the BCDF

Application Form

If you would like to apply for funding from the BCDF, download this application form and mail it to the address inside. The form can be viewed using any pdf reader, and a free reader is available from the Adobe website.

Useful information about the grant application process, and deadline dates are given below. If you have any further questions, contact information is available in the application form. Alternatively, you can use the feedback form and we will contact you as quickly as possible.


General Information

We make grant decisions based on the merit of each individual seeking funds; however, we give priority to those grant applications coming from individuals residing in Tobago East.

Decisions on grant applications are made at our discretion and an approval does not imply that we will continuously provide additional future financial support.

We will only consider complete grant applications from the individuals who meet all our application requirements

Eligibility of Individuals Requesting Funds

• Must be born in Tobago

• Currently residing in Tobago

• Must have been diagnosed with cancer or diabetes by a physician

• Must be willing to adhere to a disease management plan

• Must have a monthly income that qualifies for Government assistance

• Individuals receiving funding must have their family members commit to the disease prevention and management plan offered by BCDF

Application Requirements

• Incomplete applications will not be considered

• A description of the diagnosis for which the fund is being sought

• An explanation of your hardship

• A budget for the funds you are seeking and how you will spend it

• Maximum amount per individual - $1,000.00

• All the funds given by BCDF must be spent on the individual receiving the grant

• Your contribution and involvement in social activities in your village organizations

• Your willingness to volunteer your services, if able, to BCDF to help and support others living with cancer or diabetes; and in prevention efforts

Grant Application Schedule

Grant applications are considered on the following schedule:

Deadlines for Applications:

• Jan. 17

• April 15

• July 15

• October 17

Download Application Form