BCDF Optimises Information and Communication Technology for Diabetes Awareness


Rosetta Bovell of the Board of Directors, Bovell Cancer Diabetes Foundation (BCDF) receives equipment (laptops and portable outdoor screen) from the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago’s (TATT).

BCDF submitted a winning proposal entitled “Information and Communication Technology to Optimise a Community Diabetes Prevention and Education in Rural Tobago”. The equipment will assist in expanding the range and reach of our existing structured community diabetes education, prevention, control and self-management programme available to individuals/families and communities in Tobago who have, or at risk for diabetes. BCDF continues to create awareness and educate the people of Tobago and Trinidad about diabetes prevention and control from since 2008. Each ‘win’ such as this reminds us of our promise to enrich the lives of people living with cancer and diabetes. BCDF thanks TATT for its support in the fight against diabetes. BCDF will continue to work towards stamping out diabetes in Tobago and Trinidad.

Equipment Handover
BCDF Director Rosetta Bovell (right) receives laptop from Ms. Cheryl Johnson (TATT).