Poster Competition Results


The Board of Directors of the Bovell Cancer Diabetes Foundation (BCDF) thanks you, all the staff, parents and children for participating in the 2015 competition.

View the results of the poster competition, or download them below.

Category Drawing
Age group 6-9 years
1st Rondell DanielDelaford A.C.
2ndJoachim CornwallDelaford R.C.
3rdOmarri FrancisRoxborough A.C.
Age group 10-15 years
1st Ezekiel BainDelaford A.C.
2ndJevon FrankDelaford A.C.
3rd Emoriah CoxEbenezer Methodist
Category Painting
Category Open
1st Jerry SterlingBelle Garden A.C.
Category Colourful
Age group 6-9 years
1st Arianna McMillanEbenezer Methodist
2nd NeKesia StewartDelaford R.C.
3rd Savion JohnSpeyside A.C.
Merit Prize Infants 1Charlotteville Methodist
Age group 10-15 years
1st Brandon GeorgeSpeyside A.C.
2nd Shenicia SergeantBelle Garden A.C.
3rd LeBron JamesMontgomery Government
Merit PrizeKmiah MelvilleRoxborough A.C.
Special Poster Award St. Patrick’s A.C. (Std. 3)

Download the poster results.