BCDF is Making Inroads


One-on-One Success Story

In addition to community level and large-scale diabetes education, Bovell Cancer Diabetes Foundation (BCDF) is committed to working with individuals on a one-on-one basis. Feedback reaching BCDF from one such individual indicates that we made a major contribution to the nutrition education of a person newly diagnosed with diabetes.

About three months ago, the individual was introduced to, and educated about the plate format for diabetes meal planning by a member of the BCDF. The report coming back from the individual is that the plate format is easy and simple to follow and has been useful in the distribution of his carbohydrate throughout the day while contributing to a much more controlled blood glucose level.

BCDF is gratified about making such a small difference and will continue to strive towards making big differences for people living with cancer and diabetes. With this in mind, we continue our web education for this month with information on the Plate Format for Diabetes Meal Planning (see related article on the plate method).

The Plate Method