Diabetes in the Limelight Jamboree - Evaluation Summary Report


In order to determine whether our Diabetes in the Limelight Jamboree met its objectives and to keep pace with our participants' needs, interests and satisfaction, each participant was asked to fill an evaluation form at the end of our Jamboree on 14th November, 2009. We are extremely grateful to all those who responded - your answers and comments will help improve our future Jamborees, and help BCDF to better serve you.

Survey Result
Overall Impression of Event

The response was strong - more participants than expected filled the evaluation form; this reflected the impact of our event. Overall the feedback was positive, an indication of participants' willingness to receive diabetes education and prevention information.

The Bovell Cancer Diabetes Foundation would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the evaluation form and share their views. Your feedback was very useful and greatly appreciated.

What did you like about this Jamboree?

• The variety of checks done in one area; variety of booths; selection of booths

• Everything; very good; excellent everything

• The friendly atmosphere; the atmosphere was calm

• The information given; gain information; information received; very informative; information given

• It was well thought out

• Everyone was being cared for; comfortable; helpful

• Educational; the learning process; most educational; somewhat educational

• The doctors were very courteous and helpful

• The care; help diabetics

• It was very interesting

• Children's poster

• Its appeal to the community

• It is very different

• The medical action

What did you dislike about this Jamboree?

• Instruction at the registration desk could have been clearer, i.e. we must visit all areas

• Nothing

• The food

• Did not get my cholesterol checked; cholesterol strips ran out; - 3

• One day is not enough

• More doctors; no eye doctor

• More advertisement

• Did not get medication

• Venue wasn't all suitable

• Started too late

• More testing, esp. urine

• Need privacy

What could have made this Jamboree better?

• More specialists and doctors

• More lunches

• Inside a building; shelter; cover

• More booths doing sugar and cholesterol

• More slide show on fat

• Better advertising; more people

• Have eye doctor; have heart beat checked

• More time; start earlier about 9:00am; started too late

• Coming more often

• More volunteers

• More information; more booths

• Government to join and assist

• Unity and support

• Nothing; like everything

• More activities

• People should have been told that it is a whole day event

Would you have any suggestions for future Jamboree?

• People should make use of the event

• More doctors; eye specialist, more booths

• Radio and TV advertisements; aggressive ads;

• Keep it going and give a time frame as persons came late and were not able to get tested

• The people who were tested today should be put on display for the next Jamboree at Roxborough in order to show the knowledge about health on everything they learn so that people could have a positive attitude about it.

• Come again; more often; annually; always come

• Don't do it on my Sabbath

• Have seating; location could be better; change venue

• More volunteers; double up on volunteers so there will be no long lines

• Start early and provide sufficient resources; more strips


• Continue the good works!

• Very good

• Very good venture/project. Keep up the good works

• Very good day

• Keep it up!

• Glad to see all of you. Continue to assist people in Tobago

• Should have medication for people. Come again

• Continue the good works! Come again

• Bring more doctors; heart, eye, and others, thank you for everything

• Very interesting

• Congrats come again

• May God richly bless you as you try to educate and make valuable contribution to society

• Very good, congratulations to the Bovell Cancer Diabetes Foundation

• More often because a lot of people need learning more

• Very good

• It was good and necessary to help the people in health awareness

• Thanks for everything. Keep up the good works

• The effort was very good only it could have more people

• Continue the good works; learnt a lot, should be more often

• You need to come back

• Open atmosphere, very good. Well done. Keep it up!

• The Jamboree could be held twice per year. An awareness session like this is good for all persons

• Good job!

• Everything was just excellent; you all have open up my knowledge. This is the best I have seen in my community. Thank you in advance.

• I give thanks for what is received and continue your kind work. Thanks

• Not all that bad, but make sure there is more cholesterol strips

• It is a wonderful job the Bovell Foundation is doing – keep it up

• Thank God for friends like you all. May God bless you all

• The Government should take more part in the programme

• Follow up treatment

• Need follow-up treatment

• Hope to see you again

• I enjoy the Jamboree and hope they come every year

• Great! Great idea!

• It could be bigger

• A wonderful day, enjoyed everything, and I must take care of my foot. Thanks to the Bovell Foundation

• Very good, enjoyed it

• Excellent! Like the effort, much people did not hear about the event

• It was a great workshop, supporting the cause

• Continue this good work. God's continued blessings

• Besides the venue, it was a very informative Jamboree

• Would invite my friends

• Nice to see that they come to support us

• I think it was magnificent

• I love everything that goes on today, it was good. I hope it would be better than this next year

• It was good, very encouraging

• Great idea. Keep it up!

• Very good, explained a lot of things to me. Very educational. Very thoughtful of the family

• Very good, must come more often, very educating, more doctors

• Most booths were full so extras in the future will be great. Enough supplies to last the day would be great

• It was a very good venture, help the people taking care of the people

• Very good idea