Diabetes Education Workbook

BCDF Diabetes Workbook - A Child's Bookshelf

In Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), diabetes is the second leading cause of death and the prevalence rate is approximately 12% - 13%. Diabetes is also the leading cause of blindness and limb amputations in T&T. It has been estimated by the Diabetes Association of T&T (DATT) that in T&T, 175,000 persons have diabetes and 300 limbs are amputated annually because of diabetes. There are roughly 102,100 persons in T&T with pre-diabetes. This number is projected to increase to 130,500 by the year 2025.

Research has shown that in the absence of specific education programmes aimed at prevention or early detection, more than 50% of those persons with pre-diabetes will go on to full-blown diabetes. There is compelling clinical proof that 80% of diabetes cases can be prevented by improving diets and increasing physical activity. The link between diabetes and education is a key target for efforts to prevent, reduce and control diabetes-related complications in those with the disease. If the burden of diabetes in T&T is to be effectively addressed, there is an urgent need to raise the level of knowledge regarding prevention and self-management among children and other community members in Tobago.

These books consist of eleven lessons, including a series of evaluation questions, a diabetes bingo and an activity workbook. The lessons were created for 10-15 year-old children; however, teachers and educators could always modify the contents to meet their specific groups of learners. The lesson times may also be adjusted accordingly. The module is suitable for use by diabetes and health educators, school teachers, individuals, nutrition units, health departments, community-based and non-governmental organisations (CBOs and NGOs), faith-based organizations (FBOs), diabetes associations or any groups or persons involved in diabetes education and prevention efforts. The lesson content (for example, the food groups) could be modified to meet the needs of any community, region or country worldwide.